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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Bubbles bubbles

What happens when light hits a bubble?
Does it burst? Look carefully and see what colours you can see on and in the bubbles.
It looks like rainbow colours. Red , orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo , violet.
Light appears white but it is made up of the 7 colours mentioned. When light hits the bubble's outer surface the light is reflected back to your eye. The light also hits the bubbles inner surface and this light is reflected back to your eye as well. When both waves of light travel back they interfere with each other and cause the colours to appear.
Isn't that fascinating?
Look at our bubbles, They were beautiful!


Today in Funskills we learnt how to throw overarm. Use your non throwing arm to help you throw in the right direction, take a step forward and throw the bean bag....

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Art Friday

There is nothing like an art day!

Today we learnt one of the stories of Matariki. It was all in Te Reo with English subtitles (that's words underneath explaining the story).
Here is the link to this cool story

After watching the video, Miss Sills explained that we would be drawing and then painting parts of the Matariki story. Each of our table groups would get a different part of the story to illustrate.

Miss Sills explained the important art rule - the rule of thirds. This is where you pretend to divide your piece of paper into 9 imaginary equal rectangles or squares. Your picture should cover at least 6 of those squares. Mrs Dobbie learnt something today too!

After some more instructions we were off and practicing in our art books. When we had finished we had to colour our pictures in, to see what colours we wanted to use when we finally painted our picture.

After that we transferred our drawing onto our good paper and then the painting began.

The afternoon went by so fast because we were having so much fun. We got paint all over our table, on our hands and of course on our paper. Some of us blended our colours together to make new colours. The rest of us just used what colours there were and made them really bright.

Here are the photos of our art day!

We hope we can paint again soon. Mrs Dobbie says she'll think about it!

Friday, 23 June 2017

Principal's Award for Week 8

This week the award goes to...
Mr Rayhaan for the self confidence he is gaining in taking part in all class activities. Fantastic achievement Rayhaan!

Makaia as usual, you showed your great oratory skills in presenting our buddy Amber's award! Well done.

I wonder who will get the next award?

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Wig Wednesday

Today was Wig Wednesday -the day that we help raise awareness and raise money for The Child Cancer Foundation.. 

It was so amazing to see all the different wigs that the children had made. The auditorium was full of bright colours and excited children. One by one the classes  proudly paraded around the auditorium  while the rest of the school cheered and clapped. 

Here are a few photos of the school, our class and the lovely teachers on Wig Wednesday.

By the way we raised $732.80 for the Child Cancer Foundation.  Pretty good right? 

How do clouds get made again?

We love being scientists. Here we are seeing if we can make a cloud in a jar!

First we put some boiling water in a jar. Then we sprayed in some hairspray (this acted as the dust particles which float around in the atmosphere above us).

Next we put the lid on the jar. The lid was super cold because we had put ice on it. We needed to do this to simulate (that's a big word meaning " make it like") the colder air in the atmosphere.  The water evaporated  and as it rose up to the colder air it began to condense.  The water droplets attached themselves to the hairspray particles (just like they would in real life to the dust particles in the atmosphere) and formed our very own little cloud in a jar. It looked really cool and when we lifted the lid off the cloud, just drifted away!

Plastic bags again. The results and conclusions.

Like all good scientists we observed our experiment for some time. Some of our hypotheses were wrong. The water did not all evaporate, the water did not change colour, the bag did not burst.

In fact the sun did cause the water to heat up. The water evaporated and condensed on the sides of the bag (because the air was cooler) and then when you tapped the bag, the tiny drops of water all ran together falling bigger drops and then ran back down the sides of the bag into the water at the bottom.

Oh my gosh .... the water cycle in action in a plastic bag!

Plastic bags and the water cycle ... what?

The Super Sixes Scientists are at it again. What would happen if you put water in a plastic bag, sealed it and hung it on the window?

So began the experiment, hypotheses and observations.